Dual Slot 1 Celeron Project

The first PC projects for the site. The aim is to setup a Dual Slot 1 Celeron as a router. I’m not sure if the performance will be enough for my 50Mb VDSL connection, so will have to wait and see.

The Slot 1 Celeron does require some modification to work with SMP (Symmetric Multi- Processing). CPU Central have details on this modification here.

The plan is to try and run OPNsense on the machine and use it as a gateway/firewall for my VDSL connection. Failing that, Windows NT and some retro gaming!

All the retro parts will be wrapped in a nice new case from Corsair and powered by a Corsair Rm550x (overkill, but I wanted a quality PSU to protect the hardware).

Parts List:

  • 2x Intel Celeron 333 (SL2WN)
  • IBM Netfinity 440LX Motherboard
  • TNT2 M64
  • Corsair 275r White Case
  • Intel Pro 1000 Dual
  • 512MB PC-133 ECC RAM
  • Vantec CPU Coolers
  • Corsair RM550x PSU

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