PROXMOX VE Xeon L5640 Project

About 12 months ago (2018) I decommissioned my FreeNAS based file server in preference of a Synology DS918+. While this device has been fantastic, and I do recommend it, it’s a bit boring and not fitting my theme of DIY and putting retro hardware to good use.

The main considerations for this build are:

  • Ability to run virtual machines.
  • As much retro hardware that makes sense.
  • Low power draw.
  • Reliable and very long lasting hardware.
  • CPU performance and feature set that will future proof this build for FreeNAS.
  • RAM upgrade capacity.
  • Plenty of physical drive capacity in the case that is easy to access.

So here is a sneak peak of the project while I wait for the remainder of the parts to arrive.

Parts List

  • Intel Xeon L5640 CPU @ 2.27GHz, 6 Core HT with 12MB Cache, 60W (2010)
  • Super Micro X8STi Motherboard (~2010)
  • Fractal Design Define R6 in White with Glass Side
  • 48GB RAM
  • Corsair RM550x PSU
  • Cooler Master H411 Cooler
  • 2x 30GB SSD for OS (ZFS RAID1)
  • 3x 250GB SSD for VMs (ZFS RAIDZ1)
  • 4x 2TB HDD for Storage (ZFS RAIDZ2)

Continuing the retro theme, all the working parts are second hand and out dated from their usual intended purpose. Although in this build the parts are still reliability new, this is for power consumption, performance and reliability and also for certain feature sets on the CPU.

The board was chosen because it was relatively cheap to purchase with a CPU included. The CPU for its instruction set and very low power consumption. New PSU to help protect the nice hardware. Drives because they will be carried over from my old NAS. The Case for style, to show off the hardware, drive capacity (more than 10x 3.5″) and overall quality. And lastly the Cooler as they are quiet and long lasting.

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