VK5JST VHF Aerial Analyser (2015)

My recently completed 2015 version of the VK5JST Aerial Analyser

This week in amateur radio I finally put the finishing touches on my 2015 VK5JST (Jim) VHF Aerial Analyser.

Originally I purchased this kit from Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society (AHARS) in 2015. But life and work got in the way and I have taken this long to get around to putting it together.

This kit featured in the December 2015 edition of the Australian AR Magazine.

The kit was easy to assemble, setup and test using Jim’s instructions. All parts were included with clear instructions and diagrams. Here is a scan of the instructions that came with my kit:

The AA works very well and will be a mainstay in my kit for years to come.

A new improved version of the AA from Jim is now available for a very modest price including shipping – see the link below.

For those just starting out in the hobby, this bit of kit is an excellent way to get started in electronics with a project that will prove to be a very useful tool for building and testing antennas. Even with limited skills in soldering etc, if you have a good soldering iron, take your time and follow Jim’s instructions, you will have no issues.


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