NOTE: The VK6RX-1 Digi is currently offline as I have moved location for work. In the future there are plans to setup the digi again, perhaps in the Bakers Hill area or even in the Kimberley.

The VK6RX-1 Digi/iGate has been setup to provide a backup radio path for packets from VK6RMW and other repeaters in range. It also serves as a local coverage Digi in the Port Kennedy area.

Location: Port Kennedy, WA
Controller: Raspberry Pi B running Debian and APRX
Radio Head: Philips FM92
Radiation Stick: Homebrew Aluminium J-pole

Quick Links
VK6RX-1 on APRS.fi

The digi will pull packets from APRS-IS within a 100km radius of its location in Port Kennedy (as per image below) and send these via RF.

APRS-IS TX range, 100km from VK6RX-1’s location.