VK6 News Hub

2019FEB10 – Changes to the play schedule so that the playback is now three hourly starting at 0300 (does not play at midnight). See below for details.

2019JAN13 – The News Hub can now be listened to by using a VoIP client. See below for details.

2018DEC20 – The Beta version of the VK6 News Hub is now online. It is allstar node 42719 currently hosted on the VK6-HUB server.

This node downloads the WIA News and News West each week early on a Sunday morning and plays them on a loop starting on the hour 0300, 0600, 0900, 1200, 1500, 1800 (1900 on Sundays), and 2100. The update each week is completed by 0200 (UTC+8) each Sunday morning and starts playing the new version from then.

You can connect into the node and listen to the news at any time.

Points to note:

  • Please do not connect the node to a repeater node unless you have permission from the repeater owner to do so. There are LCD limitations on TX etc. that may be breached by doing so without the correct mitigation put in place.
  • *NEW* Plays on a loop starting on the hour every three hours (0300, 0600, 0900, 1200, 1500, 1800, and 2100) instead of every hours as below. 
  • If the news recordings are longer than 60mins when combined the end of the News West recording will be cut short when the recording starts playing.
  • The scripting that allows this hub to operate is dependent on the WIA and Nes West not changing their recording naming conventions. I will keep an eye on this, but please bear with me if it does break. That being said, please let me know at john@vk6rx.net if you do have issues.
  • Direct call backs to newswest@vk6.net

The News Hub can be listened to by using a VoIP client (such as X-Lite on a Mac or PC or Groundwire on a smartphone). This will allow you to listen from any device that has VoIP client. To connect:

  • User ID: 42719
  • Domain: vk6-hub.vk6rx.net:5077
  • Password: VK6News!
  • Disable the “Register with Domain…” or similar as this is not required.
  • Once connected simply dial 42719 and select 1 for the live loop or 2 to start the playback from the start.
  • Please hangup when not in use to help save bandwidth.

2017JUL13 – VK6 will soon have a news hub. Listen out for retransmissions of the weekly news broadcast on 42719 – VK6 News Hub. Thanks to Rob VK6LD for the input of audio to the hub.

The node below has been retired. 

Allstar node 42689 has been setup to receive output from VK6RAP on 146.700MHz.

The idea is that node 42689 will be a point where people can connect to listen to the news broadcasts on Sundays. The node will always be in RX mode so at other times people can just listen to activity on VK6RAP.

The node is experimental at this stage, so it may be offline without notice and audio may not be 100%.

The node currently receives its audio from a Realistic Pro-2005 scanner.