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GeForce2 Pro Cooling Upgrade

Back in the day I used to own a Leadtek Winfast GeForce2 Pro. This, at the time, wasn’t a bad 3D card for the PC. The cooling solution on this card wasn’t fantastic and soon failed.


Using whatever I had laying around at the time I had a solution. Basic, crude and dodgy, but worked very well for about 12 months until I upgraded the card to a GeForce4 Ti 4200 8x. The cooler used was a Silver Orb, a great CPU cooler at the time.

VK6 Hub – DMR

The VK6 Hub now has a bridge to DMR on the Brandmeister network.

Node 42716 is bridged to Brandmeister Talk Group 505005. This node is generally connected into 42732 (the VK6 Hub), so you can talk to all the folks on that network via DMR.

Also listen via your web browser using Hose Line.

Feel free to use this at any time – the more active the better!


VK6 News Hub – VoIP

The News Hub can be listened to by using a VoIP client (such as X-Lite on a Mac or PC or Groundwire on a smartphone). This will allow you to listen from any device that has VoIP client. To connect:

    • User ID: 42719
    • Domain:
    • Password: VK6News!
    • Disable the “Register with Domain…” or similar as this is not required.
    • Once connected simply dial 42719 and select 1 for the live loop or 2 to start the playback from the start.
    • Please hangup when not in use to help save bandwidth.

news hub - voip

185W 36V to 18V Solar Panel Conversion

Got given a 36V solar panel a few weeks ago by a friend. Not much use for a 12V system, so I set about rewiring it.

Originally it was three 12V arrays in series. I’ve split the middle array in two and given half to each of the remaining 12V arrays. Paralleled them both up for 18V.

Sealed it all up. Perfect!


VK6RX gets into VK6ROT

Last month the Rottnest 70cm repeater came online (

Getting into the repeater should have been easy for me at my QTH with nothing but water between, but due to some teething limitations of the new repeater a challenge has been set.

Firstly I tried my flower-pot dual-band antenna (pictured at the top of the mast) with no luck. Sometimes I could open the repeater, but that was about it.

Next I tried a home-brew 8 element co-linear. I could consistently open the repeater, and had reports of carrier with some modulation, but not enough to hold a QSO.

So then, just the kick I needed to build a Yagi! I settled on a modified design of the Bow and Arrow dual bander (…/1478-qbowq-and-qarrowq-satell…) utilising a gamma match to feed it, negating the requirement for a balun.

For less than $50, including mounting hardware, here is the result.

My first contact was with Will, VK6UU where my signal was reported to be a readable 5.

IMG_2021 IMG_2019 IMG_2018