In late December 2015 T2PERTH came back online after more than three years. Its status and the status of other Tier2 APRS servers can be viewed at http://status.aprs2.net/.

The server is currently in the aunz.aprs2.net rotate. If you are using this rotate you will likely connect to the server with your iGate, Digi or other APRS device at some stage. You can, if you wish, connect directly to the server using perth.aprs2.net or aprs.vk6rx.net (although it is recommended that you use the rotate group, aunz.aprs2.net). The server supports connections via both UDP and TCP.

The server is located in a QV1 data centre in the Perth CBD on the same server as the VK6-HUB Allstar server. This server has much more bandwidth and processing power than required and is in a very stable high availability environment, meaning it should be very reliable.

Ports and Filters

There are some additional filtered ports setup on the server that you are welcome to use. The available ports are viewable from http://perth.aprs2.net:14501/ but because the actual filter applied is not shown on this page more details on what the filter applied is below:

Port: 14577
Name: Your Position +100km
Actual Filter Applied: m/100
Description: This filter will send packets to you that originate from within a 100km radius of your last known position.

Port: 14579
Name: VK/ZL Feed
Actual Filter Applied: r/-20/146/4500 p/VK/ZL/AX/VI e/WXSVR-AU
Description: All packets that originate within a 4500km radius of 20S,146E will be sent through. This covers, Australia, New Zealand, PNG and some parts of Indonesia. See diagram below. It also picks up any packets from calls that begin with VK, ZL, AX, VI and packets from WXSVR-AU stations.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 3.33.24 PM

Port: 14578
Name: ZL Feed
Actual Filter: r/-40/172/1000 p/ZL
Description: All packets that originate from with 1000km of 40S,172E and all packets that are from ZL calls. See below.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 3.29.12 PM




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