VK6 Allstar Network Group

The VK6-HUB can be connected into using either Allstar or Echolink via the node numbers/names below. The hub allows many nodes to connect and interact without having bandwidth limitations associated with slower home internet connections.

Allstar: VK6-HUB – 42732
Echolink: *VK6-HUB* – 9610

Generally VK6-HUB  is connected to VK6ZGN’s (Bob) Allstar node 28608 which provides a radio path to VK6RLM 146.750 (146.150 input).

Quick Links
Allmon (VK6-HUB) – Use this page to view information on the HUB and other nodes within the VK6 Allstar network.
Allmon (VK6MT)
F-Troop Info on Allstar (F-Troop)
Echolink Current Logins (echolink.org)

Many thanks to Mal, VK6MT for providing the Allmon site and Bob, VK6ZGN for providing the link into VK6RLM.

VK6-HUB is located in a data centre located at QV1 in Perth. It has plenty of bandwidth and processing power available for practically limitless connections on both Allstar and Echolink.


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